Information and instructions relating to software provided by GRCC Information Technology.

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Microsoft Windows operating system

Mac OS

Apple's Mac OS

Microsoft Office

Including: Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Visio

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*Instructional Software for Off-Campus

List of all campus software with current off-campus availability status.

Access to AutoCAD Software on a Personal Device

AutoDesk provides free educational licensing for all instructors and students.

Access to Read & Write Screen Reading Software on Personal Devices

GRCC Students, Faculty, and Staff can install read & write accessibility software using their GRCC email

Accessing meetings with Microsoft Teams

Instructions on how to access Microsoft Teams to attend a virtual meeting.

Accessing the ATC Open Lab through VMware

Instructions for connecting to the virtual ATC Open Lab pool through VMware Horizon View.

Accessing The Student Virtual Labs through VMware

The Student Virtual Lab is available to all students through VMware. This enables access the following lab software programs from off campus.

SPSS Statistics
MS Publisher
MS Visio
Acrobat DC

Accessing the VPN while working remote

Directions for connecting to the VPN while working remote.

Adding a Google Chrome profile desktop shortcut

How to add a desktop icon for a Chrome profile

Adobe Acrobat DC fails to install from Software Center

Instructions on how to fix an issue when Adobe Acrobat DC fails to install in Software Center.

Adobe prompting for a keychain

This article provides instructions on how to resolve an issue where Adobe software is prompting for a local keychain.

Allowing Chrome Notifications For Specific Site

How to ensure Chrome settings are set to allow notifications for desired websites (Google Calendar, Gmail, and Chat)

Allowing Pop-Ups

Instructions for how to enable pop-ups based on the browser being utilized.

Approved and Unapproved Web Browser Extensions in Google Chrome

This article contains a list of Google Chrome Extensions that have been requested. They are sorted by whether they extension was approved or unapproved.

Black Bars at the Top of an Application

Ways to troubleshoot when you see black bars along the top of your screen while using various applications.

Camtasia Error When Opening

How to solve the issue of Camtasia opening an installer instead of the application.

Clearing Cache/Cookies Upon Browser Exit

How to set your browser to automatically clear cookies and cache upon exit

Clearing Cookies and Cache

How to clear your temporary internet files (cache) and cookies in your web browser.

Create Fillable PDF

How to create a Fillable PDF within Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Creating a Profile in Google Chrome

Creating a Google Chrome profile to help manage personal and work browsing data

Creating an OnTheHub Account

How to make an account for GRCC's OnTheHub Webpage, where students, faculty, and staff can access a variety of software at a discount.

Creating Website Desktop Application Shortcut

Creating a shortcut to a website on your Desktop

Disabling Website Notifications in Google Chrome

How to remove/block unwanted pop-out website notifications in Google Chrome.

Enable SolidWorks Dynamic Reference Visualization

Enabling Dynamic Reference Visualization in Solidwork, as it cannot be set by default during deployment.

Enable Third-Party Cookies

Enabling third-party cookies can help with issues regarding on websites that require it, such as Blackboard SafeAssign.

Enable web notifications in full screen mode

How to enable web notifications from my browser while I am in full screen mode

Exporting and Importing Bookmarks in Firefox

How to export and import your favorites/bookmarks in Firefox

How do I check the accessibility of documents?

Information on software supporting the creation and verification of accessible documents.

How do I setup my timesheet?

Instructions on setting up timesheet (or paybooks)

I can't launch Respondus Lockdown Browser

Instructions on resolving the "illicitly modified" error message received when launching Respondus Lockdown Browser on a student loaner laptop.

Install GlobalProtect VPN On Campus

How to Install the GlobalProtect Portal (VPN) while on campus from within the Software Center.

Install SnagIt or Camtasia on a Personal computer

Navigating to the links for Staff and Faculty to download Snagit and Camtasia 2020

Install Software through the Software Center

Instructions on accessing the Microsoft System Center Software Center.

Installing the VMware Horizon Client

Instructions for installing the VMware Horizon View Client onto a personal or college machine.

Instructional Software Process

This KB contains detailed documentation of the Instructional Software Request process.

Jabber User Guide

Instructions for using Jabber

Logging off VMware

Disconnecting from VMware correctly will ensure campus resources are being utilized efficiently.

Lost File in VMWare

When you log off our VMware all files are lost, please remember to save to an alternate location.

Macro error when submitting timesheet

How to resolve a Macro error when trying to submit a timesheet

Minitab - Named User Licensing

Instructions on Minitab named user licensing.

Minitab Installation Requirements

A summary of the minimum system requirements to download Minitab software

Monitor displaying upside down

How to correct an upside down monitor display.

Multimedia Station Video Playback Defaults

Setting VLC Player to default when opening up MPEG video files in Windows 10

No Network Connection on Hardwired Station

Troubleshooting techniques when there are connection issues on a workstation connected via ethernet.

Open PDF Attachments In Adobe Rather Than Chrome

How to open PDF email attachments and links in Adobe rather than defaulting to Chrome

Printing in VMware

No, personal printer drivers cannot be installed on VMware.

Protecting your Computer from Malware and Hacking Attempts

How to protect your computer from malicious software and hacking attempts.

Purchasing Discounted Software through OnTheHub

Purchasing software through Grand Rapids Community College’s OnTheHub webpage.

Registering for a virtual event using Remo

This article contains instructions on how to register for virtual meeting using Remo.

Restart Chrome Without Losing Tabs

How to relaunch the Chrome web browser without having to close all open tabs and windows.

Running an Anti-Virus Scan

How to run an anti-virus scan.

Setting Default Program

How to set a default program by file type

Setting up Google Tab Groups

How to utilize Tab Groups in Google Chrome.

Speed Test

Instructions on running speed tests on and off campus.

Switching out of S mode in Windows 10 on personal device

How to switch out of S Mode in order to download software to a personal PC

Syncing GRCC Chrome Profiles

Instructions on syncing your chrome profile data with Google Chrome.

Unable to Print

How to resolve an "Unable to Print" error message

Unable to View Panopto Videos on Apple Devices

How to allow Cross-Site tracking in order to allow Panopto videos to work on Apple devices.

Updating Computer Clock

How to update your computer's date and time settings.

Updating Microsoft Windows

Instructions on how to check for and install updates on a Windows 10 device.

Updating saved passwords after password change

How to update your new password in the password manager section of Google Chrome

Updating Zoom

Instructions for updating Zoom

Using VMware for Staff Remote access

Instructions for installing and logging into VMware for remote access to the GRCC network. Accessing network drives, timesheets, and other on campus only resources while off site.

Web Browser Extension says it is Blocked By Administrator

Troubleshooting when you getting an error stating a Chrome Browser Extension has been blocked by administrator.

Webex Meeting in-Browser Steps

Directions for joining a Webex meeting through a web browser.