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Hover action settings change how you can archive, delete, mark as read, or snooze when you hover over the message in your inbox.
How to create and use labels (similar to folders) within Gmail.
Instructions to reply to an email within Gmail.
An introduction to Gmail and Google Calendar as well as best practices on accessing both systems.
Instructions for sorting email by unread.
Mark messages as Important in your Gmail inbox for easy filtering.
Change display density settings to show inbox as more or less compact, and show or hide email attachments.
Using read receipts in Gmail
How to compose email within Gmail.
Access spell check while composing a new message in Gmail and from the toolbar in Google Workspace applications.
Configure the Gmail inbox to view tabs for the message categories of primary, social, promotions, updates, and forums.
The first Google account you sign in with will be your "default" account for that browser profile
Staff Gmail syncs with the MyGRCC Login password
Find important emails in gmail by marking a star next to them.