Gmail Mobile Device Permissions for Faculty & Staff

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When adding my GRCC Gmail account to my phone, are there any policies or requirements enforced on my personal device?



This device policy does not allow GRCC IT to:

  • Remotely wipe/erase your device
  • View any sensitive or personal data
    • GPS Location Data
    • Browsing Data
    • Contacts
    • Messages of any kind
    • Photos
    • etc.


This device policy does enforce the following:

  • Device password must be set
    • A password must be set on your device in order to add the account to ensure protection of the information associated with your GRCC account.
    • There are no requirements on this lockscreen password, and GRCC IT will not be able to see the details of this password.
  • Administrators will be able to remotely remove your GRCC account from a device
    • If your phone is lost or stolen, GRCC IT can remove the account from the device to protect College information.
    • GRCC IT will not remove an account from a personal device without prior notification.
  • Some device details will be shared with administrators 
    • This information is collected by default, and contains a variety of details, including:
      • Device model details
      • Device type (Android, iOS)
      • Security settings (such as if a password is enabled) ​  

This policy will also give you the ability to perform the following actions on your device remotely from if your phone is lost or stolen:

  • Check recent security events
  • Sign out of your phone


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