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Pinned Article Initial Google Workspace Login Procedure for Staff

Initial logon procedure for Gmail and other Google applications

Add Student Gmail Account to Chromebook

When using a Chrombook and accessing GRCC email, the user is directed to their personal account and will need to add an additional account.

Audio in Google Slides Presentation

How to add audio to a presentation in a Google Slides,

Change Google 2FA phone number

Instructions on how to change the phone number that is associated with your Google 2FA security settings.

Changing Your Display Name in Google

Your Google display name will not automatically update, you will need to change it on the Google About Me page.

Chrome Profile will be deleted

Instructions on how to troubleshoot an issue where your Chrome profile will be deleted.

Create Notes Using Google Keep

How to access Google Keep and create a note.

Creating a Profile in Google Chrome

Creating a Google Chrome profile to help manage personal and work browsing data

Desktop Client Availability for Gmail and Calendar

Windows Mail and Calendar can be made available upon request.

G Suite Tile Opens Personal Gmail Account

When clicking on the G Suite tile in MyGRCC, it will link or open a personal Gmail account and not a student email or GRCC email account.

Google Maps unavailable for students

This article contains instructions on how to resolve an issue where Google Maps not available for students while signed into their GRCC google account.

Google Meet Mic and Camera Not Working

While accessing Google Meet within VMWare Horizon Client, the camera and microphone on the host machine will not be recognized.

Google Space Managers

How to promote a user to Space Manager in Google Chat.

Managing Chat Spaces Access

How to remove and add users to Google Chat Spaces

Managing Task Lists in Google Workspace

Create a task list within a Google Workspace application that includes a due date and subtasks.

Setting your GRCC Google Account as Default

The first Google account you sign in with will be your "default" account for that browser profile

Signing into Google with backup codes

How to signin to Google, if you don't have your 2nd Factor Device.

Spelling and Grammar Check in Gmail and Google Workspace

Access spell check while composing a new message in Gmail and from the toolbar in Google Workspace applications.

Syncing GRCC Chrome Profiles

Instructions on syncing your chrome profile data with Google Chrome.

Turning On 2-Step Verification for Employee Email

How to set up 2-Step Verification your Google Account

View Phone Extensions in Google

How to view phone extensions within Google.