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Accessing Gmail and Google Calendar from a Mobile Device

Accessing your GRCC Gmail is just like accessing any other Google Account

Add a 25Live Calendar to Google Calendar

Subscribing to a 25Live Calendar in Google Calendar

Add a Room Number and Location to a Google Calendar Event

Use the "Add Location" field to add a room number or location to your event

Busy Search in Google Calendar

How to perform busy search in Google Calendar.

Exporting GroupWise Calendars to Google Calendar

How to import your Groupwise calendar to Google after the switch to Gmail

Grant Access/Share your Google Calendar

Adding someone to your Google Calendar with full access, similar to "Proxy" in GroupWise.

Restoring a Deleted Event

Instructions to restore events that have been deleted within Google Calendar.

Retracting/Deleting an Event in Google Calendar

Instructions to delete and retract events made within Google Calendar.

Syncing Shared Calendars in iOS

Adding shared calendars to your list of synced mobile calendars

View Calendars Side-by-Side

How to view multiple calendars side by side within Google Calendar.

View Coworkers Calendars

Directions to view a coworker's calendar within Google Calendar.