Add a 25Live Calendar to Google Calendar

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Would like to add a 25Live calendar to Google Calendar.



With Google Calendar, you can subscribe to a 25Live calendar. This allows you to see new events and availability of rooms in 25Live, right from your Google Calendar.

Note: The calendar will only update once a day, overnight. For the most up to date view, always consult the calendar in 25Live.



  • 25Live
  • Google Calendar



Retrieve the Calendar Link

  1. Navigate to 25Live
  2. Log in with your MyGRCC Login credentials
  3. Search for and select the desired Location or Resource
  4. Click the More Actions drop-down menu
  5. Select Subscribe
  6. In the resulting window, right-click the View iCal feed link and select copy link address


Add the Calendar

  1. Log in to Google Calendar 
  2. Click Add other calendars next to Other calendars
  3. Click From URL
  4. Paste the URL of the 25Live calendar into the URL of calendar text box
  5. Click Add Calendar


Note: Once added, you can edit the settings of the calendar to give it a more "user friendly" name.


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