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Adding external members to a Google Group

This article outlines the process for when a GRCC employee requests external members have access to a Google Group.

Google Group Email Delivery Settings

How to manage the email delivery settings for Google Groups and choose how many emails members of the group recieve from that group.

Google Group Visibility in Group Directory

How to verify visibility settings for individual Google Groups.

How to Join a Google Group

You can join a Google Group to take part in collaboration with a team.

How to Send As a Google Group

Sending on behalf of a Google Group to post anonymously as the group.

How to Send As Google Group in Gmail

Instructions on how to setup Send As a Google Group email address in Gmail.

Managing Users in a Google Group

Instructions on how to add/remove users in a Google Group.

Not Receiving Copies of Sent Group Email

Reasons why someone would not recieve a copy of an email that they sent to a distribution list.