How to Send As a Google Group


Sending on behalf of a Google Group allows the user sending the post to remain anonymous to the users of that group. This is particularly useful for notification groups that send all-staff type messages.



  • Google Groups



Enable the Send-As Setting

  1. Navigate to Google Group
  2. Select  Group Settings in line with desired Group
  3. Scroll down to Who can post as group, select the appropriate members.
    • For all-staff type groups, Group managers would be the appropriate role to select.
  4. Click Save changes


Send As the Group

  1. Navigate to your Google Group.
  2. Click New conversation
  3. In the From drop-down box, select the group email address
  4. Add recipients to the CC field
  5. Type your subject and message, and click Post message

Your email will now show up in users inboxes as being sent from the name of your group.


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