Use a Google Group as a Collaborative Inbox


Using the Collaborative Inbox feature in Google Groups allows group members to manage messages more effectively. 

How it works

  • Take responsibility of an email. 
  • Assign responsibility for an email to another member of the group. 
  • Mark an email as complete, duplicate, or no action needed.
  • Search for emails according to status or assignee. 



  • Google Groups



Create a group

If a Google Group has not been created it can be requested by using the Google Group Request form. When filling out the form, make sure to select Yes for enabling Shared Inbox and IT will automatically apply the Collaborative Inbox feature. 


Turn on Collaborative inbox for existing Google Group 

If a Google Group current exists but there are no options to assign an email or change its status, the Collaborative Inbox feature can be enabled in the Groups applications. 

  1. Navigate to Google Groups.
  2. Click the desired group name.
  3. On the left side menu, click Group Settings
  4. Under the General settings, locate Enable additional Google Groups features and select Collaborative Inbox
  5. Click Save Changes.


Assign a message 

  1. Navigate to Google Groups.
  2. Click the desired group name.
  3. Click the message in the Conversations group window.
  4. Locate the user assignment options in the upper right of the message window. 
  5. Choose Assign to me if you are taking responsibility of the message. 
  6. Choose Assign to someone else when sending to other group members. 
    • Enter the recipient(s) in the Assign to field and provide a optional message.
    • Click Done to send. 
  7. If you would like to assign multiple messages place a check mark next to each message in the group under Conversations.  


Resolve a message

  1. Locate a message.
  2. Click the Mark Complete or No action needed option in the upper right of the message window. 
    • If a message appears more than once choose Mark as duplicate


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