How to Send As Google Group in Gmail


Sending as (on behalf of) a Google Group from Gmail requires additional setup. In order to receive the confirmation code/link sent by Google, your group must allow external senders.



  • Google Workspace
    • Google Groups
    • Gmail



Group Setup

From within Google Groups:

  1. Add only the members who need the send-as feature to the group.
    • This is important, because anyone in the group during the send-as setup will get the confirmation code/link.
    • If your group is already populated, you can either remove/re-add users, or simply change their email delivery settings to "no email" during setup.
  2. In your group settings, enable posting permissions for "anyone on the web" or "external."


Gmail Setup

From within Gmail:

  1. Click Settings > See all settings.
  2. Select the Accounts tab.
  3. Under Send mail as: click Add another email address.
  4. In the Name field, enter the name of your group.
  5. Enter your group email address in the email address field.
  6. Leave the Treat as an alias option checked and click Next.
  7. Google will email the group a confirmation code/link. Simply click the link or copy/paste the code.
    • Everyone in the group will receive the email with the code/link, which is why it's important to only have those who are setting up the send-as feature in your group at this time.
    • Everyone in the group who needs the send-as feature will need their own code/link.
    • It is easiest if all members setup this up at the same time, and one person goes through and clicks all the links to validate the requests.
    • If group settings do not allow the public to post, the link will not go through.


Group Setup (cont.)

  1. Scale back the posting permissions to the desired level.
  2. Add any other users to your group.
    • If you modified an existing/populated groups users email delivery settings, return it back to it's original setting.


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