How do I setup my timesheet?


How do I setup my timesheet?



  • VMware
  • Microsoft Excel



  1. Download your paybook from the Payroll Webpage.
  2. Open the excel sheet and click Enable Editing 
  3. Click Enable Content next to the Security Warning
  4. Select the Set Up tab, complete the required information in the yellow boxes
    1. Name
    2. Employee ID Number - If you do not know your ID#, call the Payroll Department (ext. 4018, 3965, or 4038)
    3. Job Title
    4. Record Number - Record number should always be (0) zero unless you have more than one job
      • If you have more than one job you will need to build a separate pay book for each job
    5. Pay Group – You must click on the arrow to select from the drop down list or the paybook will not work properly
      • If there are no options in the drop down, download a new file ensuring set up tab is filled out first
    6. Weekly Hours – Should default to 40, please change to your normal scheduled hours if you work less than 40 hours per week
    7. Employee E-mail - Use your GRCC email address.
      • Notifications will only be sent to GRCC email accounts
    8. Supervisor E-mail - Use your supervisor’s GRCC email address
  5. Save the excel sheet to your J:Drive


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