Installing the VMware Horizon Client


How do I install the VMware Horizon Client onto my computer?
I want to access Staff Remote/Student Virtual Lab/ATC Open Lab using the VMware Horizon client, how do I download that?



  • VMware Horizon
  • Mac OS
  • Windows 10



The VMware Horizon client is available for free download to all faculty, staff, and students. This software allows you to connect to GRCC campus resources while off campus using a secure connection. Based on your role at the college there are different pools available for you to join. Staff and Faculty can access the Staff Remote pool to access systems that are only available on campus including time sheets and leave of absence forms. Students can access the Student Virtual Lab pool which provides access to basic campus software and to the ATC Open Lab pool which provides access to some of the more robust software on campus.



Installing the VMware Horizon View Client on a College machine (not applicable for student loaner laptops)

  1. Open the Software Center. For instructions on accessing the Software Center see the Knowledge Base article: Accessing the Software Center
  2. Select VMware Horizon View Client from the applications list.
  3. Click the Install button. This button is located in the lower right hand corner of the Software Center application.
    • The installation process will take several minutes.
    • Note: the Software Center is only available while on campus


Installing the VMware Horizon View Client on a personal device

  1. Open your preferred web browser.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click Install VMware Horizon Client.
  4. Click the Go to Downloads link that is associated with your device's operating system
    • Note: Selecting the Windows 10 UWP option will launch the Microsoft Store for installation of the Windows 10 app version
  5. Click the Download button, This will start the download process.
  6. Double Click the file to install the VMware Horizon View Client.
    • For Mac OS, drag the VMware Horizon application to your Applications folder
  7. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation process.

If using an older version of Windows visit VMware's site for more details

Next Steps

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