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Pinned Article Microsoft Office Support

For assistance with Non-GRCC specific issues relating to Microsoft Office.

Document is Locked, Read Only, or In Use by Other User

Deleting the temp owner file in cases when a document has been locked for editing.

Microsoft 365 for Personal Devices

Instructions on acquiring a license for Microsoft 365, free for Faculty, Staff, and Students.

Microsoft 365 on iOS

How to access Microsoft 365 products with your GRCC account on an iOS device.

Microsoft 365 portal automatically logged into Admin Center

Instructions for how to resolve Microsoft 365 Admin Center error message when registering/accessing Microsoft 365 account.

Paybook Run Time/Visual Basic Error

Resolving errors with submitting timesheets

Recover Autosave of Word document

The user needs to recover information which was lost while working on a Word document.

Shrink text to fit when printing in Microsoft Word

This article contains instructions on how to shrink text to fit when printing in Microsoft Word.

Unable to edit in Microsoft 365 on Mac

How to resolve an issue where Microsoft 365 applications do not allow for editing in macOS.

Why is Microsoft Teams Disabled

Teams is not available using GRCC's version of Microsoft Office. There are currently no plans to turn on this feature.