Paybook Run Time/Visual Basic Error

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When submitting the time sheet, an error occurs


Run-time Error "5" Invalid Procedure call or argument (or similar Visual Basic error)



  • Excel
  • Time Sheet



The best way to resolve this issue is to download a new paybook and resubmit.

  1. Navigate to the GRCC HR Payroll webpage
  2. Click the appropriate link to download your timesheet
  3. Open the resulting Excel file
  4. Save the document before entering any information
    • Click the  Save icon in the upper left, and save the file to your J: Drive
  5. Enter in the information requested on the setup page
  6. Save  the timesheet again
  7. Navigate to the appropriate pay period using the tabs along the bottom
  8. Enter in your time information
  9. Save  the timesheet
  10. Click Submit Timesheet in the upper right
    • Single-click only
  11. Once the success message is received, click OK and Save  one final time


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