Accessing the VPN while working remote


How to access the campus network using the GlobalProtect Portal (VPN) while working from home. 



  • Campus Network
  • GlobalProtect Portal (Palo Alto) VPN  



Logging into GlobalProtect 

  1. Click on the grey globe icon  in the bottom right corner of the Windows taskbar. 
    • Alternatively you can search for GlobalProtect in your start menu and run it. 
    • If missing the software, view related article to Install GlobalProtect
  2. Enter for the portal connection. 
  3. Enter your MyGRCC login credentials. 
  4. Click Connect
  5. When the connection is successful, the globe icon will turn blue with a checkmark inside. 
  6. To log out, click the blue globe icon and click Disconnect



  1. Once the initial connection is made, it will remember the portal address and login credentials.
  2. Click the grey globe icon and click the Connect button to re-establish a connection. 


Troubleshooting connection issues 

If you are having trouble connecting to the GlobalProtect Portal, try the following suggestions. 

  • Your MyGRCC account password might be expired.  Try updating it on the MyGRCC portal page. 
  • Verify your connected to your home Internet. 
  • Restart your home modem/router. 


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