Minitab - Named User Licensing


Minitab utilizes a Named User model. This means that everyone using Minitab will be required to have an account setup prior to each semester. Students who are enrolled in courses which utilize Minitab will be granted free access to GRCC's Minitab licensing. This access is granted for the entirety of a semester so long as the student stays enrolled in a pre approved course. Access will be granted before the end of the first day of classes and removed after finals week has concluded. 


Approved Courses

Only students who are enrolled in the following courses are eligible for this benefit. If your course is not listed in this table, and you believe it should be, please have the Director of your department email IT to have a course added.

Course Offering     Course Description
MA 215 Statistics
BA 254 Intro to Statistics



  • On the first day of classes each semester (including 7 week semesters), a query is run which pulls all students enrolled in the above courses.
  • Information from that query is then used to bulk import all students into GRCC's Minitab Admin Portal.
  • Once the import is completed, students will automatically receive an email from Minitab with the subject: Your MinitabĀ® Statistical Software subscription (please check your spam folder if you do not receive an email by the end of the first day of classes).
  • Please follow the instructions in the email to setup your account.
  • Once your password is setup, head over to to access the web version of Minitab or download the desktop application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install a desktop version on Mac? Unfortunately, no. With the licensing changes, Minitab also stopped releasing a desktop version of the software for Mac computers.

Am I allowed to install the software on a personal computer? Yes! One of the great things about named user licensing is that it allows you access to Minitab from anywhere, whether you decide to use the desktop version (Windows Only) or the web version.

What if I enrolled in a course after the start date? Users are imported on Fridays for the first two weeks of each semester. If you need access sooner, please send an email to and we will get you added as soon as your enrollment is confirmed.

If I drop my course, can I still keep my Minitab access? No. Students who drop from the pre approved course lists will have their access removed. Queries are run throughout the semester to verify all students with access remain enrolled. This is to ensure the college stays compliant with the licensing requirements.



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