Create Fillable PDF


How do I create a Fillable PDF



  • Adobe Acrobat Pro



  1. Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC -
    1. Note: the licensing has changed for this product and you will now be prompted to login (or create a free Adobe ID if you do not already have one)
  2. On the right hand size (navigation panel) choose More tools (a wrench with a plus sign)
  3. Select Open under "Prepare Form"
    1. (it is located below Forms and Signatures), you can also search at the top for "Prepare Form".
  4. Click Start
    1. This will automatically create text boxes where there are blanks. (It does automatically fill in data but you can ignore that, as soon as you click "Preview" it goes away)
  5. Review the document to make sure all of required fields have textboxes.

To add a textbox: From the top menu select Add a text box (A square with a T and a cursor) and click in the empty space (you can then resize the textbox from there).

To remove an unwanted textbox: Click the box to select it and hit the Delete key on your keyboard.


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