Black Bars at the Top of an Application


Sporadically black bars will go across the top of browsers not allowing for navigation in the browser. This is a Microsoft issue with a graphics driver that does not have a permanent solution at this time. I do have a few things that have worked for others I'd like to try before having the computer reimaged for you.


  • Verify that your displays are even in Display settings.
    1. Right click on your desktop
    2. Click Display settings
    3. Then ensure all of your displays are in a straight line
  • Double click the F11 key.
  • Restarting your computer may resolve the issue but the bars may reappear. 
  • When the black bars are present click Ctrl+Shift+Windows+B, this will reset the graphics driver.
    • This may or may not hold when you disconnect/reconnect to the docking station.
  • Finally if all else fails have the Desktop Support Team reimage the affected device. 


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