Timesheet Error


When the user opens his/her timesheet on VMware, anything over 7 digits turns into ##### error message like the cell is too small. 
It still calculates everything correctly and when payroll receives the timesheet, everything views correctly but it is hard to fill out without being able to view half of the cells contents.



  • Windows 10
  • Dell laptops with 1080p displays



Issue caused by the Display Zoom Setting and it was set to 150% since the loaner laptop has a 1080p screen and the laptop is a smaller screen, so Windows tried to be helpful and increase the size you. In this case it was hindering performance instead of helping.

After scaling down the Zoom to 125% and connecting to VMware and opening the Timesheet all the dates show fully now.


Article ID: 1694
Fri 10/23/20 12:01 PM
Wed 2/7/24 10:47 AM