How do I check the accessibility of documents?


What software can I use to check the accessibility of documents?



  • Windows
  • macOS




All three productivity software suites in use at the college support accessibility options and/or checkers. 

These all have their own methods to support and check for accessibility. Information Technology encourages users to leverage these tools to verify and build accessible documents.


Leveraging the tools above to verify accessibility during the initial creation of the document is the best way to ensure accessibility. Faculty and staff, however, also have access to software and platforms that will assist in verifying the accessibility of documents after the fact and/or documents in production formats (PDF).

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro, a desktop software, offers comprehensive accessibility tools that can be used to verify and modify PDF files.
    • Adobe Acrobat Pro can be installed through the Software Center for Windows devices and GRCC Self Service for macOS devices. Access to Adobe Creative Cloud require additional licensing which can be requested through Information Technology's Service Catalog.
  • Blackboard Ally is a dedicated accessibility solution built into Blackboard that offers the most robust and feature-rich solution for verifying and building accessible documents.
    • Blackboard Ally is available within Blackboard courses and is capable of reviewing most document types. Faculty and staff can connect with Distance Learning & Instructional Technology (DLIT) for instructions, tutorials, and information.


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