Install Software through the Software Center


How do I access the Software Center to install approved software on my GRCC issued computer? 



  • Software Center
  • Microsoft Windows 10



The Software Center allows you to install and update software licensed by GRCC onto your GRCC owned computer. This may only be done from a GRCC campus computer on the GRCC network.



Navigating to the Software Center Start Menu

  1. Expand the Start Menu 
  2. Expand the Microsoft Endpoint Manager folder.
  3. Click on the Software Center menu option.


Accessing the Software Center Via Start Menu Search

  1. Expand the Start Menu 
  2. Start typing Software Center
  3. Wait for the search results to load.
  4. Click on Software Center from the results list. 


Installing Software

Once inside the Software Center, all software that has been made available to you will be shown.

You can search for the desired software, click on it, and click install.

Installing from Software Center remotely


If you off site and prefer to do this tonight, then first connect to the Palo Alto Global Protect VPN client located down by the clock in the System Tray.
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Just click Connect and login with your standard GRCC login credentials. It will send a MFA Code to your Mobile Device.
Once connected to the VPN the install from the Software Center will complete.

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