Microsoft Windows operating system

Articles (16)

Accessing the Windows Clipboard

Copy and Paste multiple sources of information and images with constantly using Ctrl C + Ctrl V

Add/Remove an Icon to your Taskbar

Adding items to your quick launch bar.

Application/Program Freezing

Quick troubleshooting tips for when an application (program) is freezing.

Changing Active Hours on Windows Machine

How to set active hours on your Windows Machine

Changing Power Options for a Laptop in a Closed State

Modifying the power options so a laptop may be used with external monitors while in a closed state

Changing Power-Saving Options in Windows

Modifying your power-saving options so that when the laptop's lid is closed it will not be put into standby mode.

Configuring Windows for Multiple Monitors or an External Display

How to configure your system for a multi-monitor setup.

No Logon Servers Available Error Message

How to troubleshoot a no logon server error before contacting the Support Desk

Snap-Assist with Windows Computers

How to use Windows Snap Assist

Taking a screenshot on Windows

Keyboard shortcuts and methods for capturing what is on your screen to save as an image file.

Using Microsoft Edge IE Compatibility Mode

Turning on IE Compatibility in Microsoft Edge

Zoom In/Out on a Web Browser

How to increase or decrease the font size on a webpage.