Add/Remove an Icon to your Taskbar


A commonly used program needs to be pinned to the taskbar for quick access.



  • Microsoft Windows 10



The Quick Launch area is the left hand side of the Taskbar, next to the Start menu.

Note: Some applications cannot be removed from the Taskbar, such as File Explorer.



  1. Click your Windows Start button  in the lower left corner.
  2. Search for the program you would like to pin
  3. Right-click on the program
  4. Select More
  5. Select Pin to Taskbar 
    • To remove, select Unpin from taskbar

If the application is already running:

  1. Right-click on the icon in your taskbar
  2. Select Pin to Taskbar

You can also simply drag and drop icons from the desktop or start menu to pin them to the taskbar.

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