Configuring Windows for Multiple Monitors or an External Display


Changing display settings to accommodate multiple monitors or an external display (such as a projector.)



  • Microsoft Windows 10



  1. Click the Start menu 
  2. Click the Settings icon 
  3. Click System 
    • Alternatively right-click your desktop and click Display Settings
  4. You can arrange the monitors position at the top by clicking and dragging the 1 and 2 rectangles.
    • If you're unsure which is 1 and which is 2, click Identify
  5. To change the display options, click the Multiple displays drop down box and choose how you want the desktops to be displayed.
    • Extend means each monitor is it's own desktop
    • Duplicate means that each monitor is mirrored and the same
  6. To choose a main display (the one in which your icons and notifications will show up on) simply click the desired monitor at the top, and then check the "make this my main display" box.
  7. Click Apply


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