Application/Program Freezing


My application keeps freezing...what do I do?!


Things to Check:

  • Force the application to close
    • Ctrl+Alt+Delete
    • Select Task List
    • Click the Applications tab
    • Select the program that is freezing
    • Click End Task
  • Reboot the computer
  • Launch the application that is freezing without having any other applications running
    • Wait to see if the application freezes when ran alone
    • If it does not freeze while nothing else is running at the same time, there may be a confliction with the application and another program. Identify the program that is causing it to freeze and report it to the Customer Support Desk.
    • If it does freeze with nothing else running, identify what causes it to freeze and report it to the Customer Support Desk
  • If possible, re-install the application

If you have tried all of the following and have given up all hope AND the application is still freezing, please contact the IT Customer Support Desk at -4357. 


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