Instructional Software Process

Request Process

The purpose of the instructional software request process is to provide departments with adequate time to request new and upgraded software for the classroom learning environment. The process allows the IT Department time to research, procure, budget, test, and install the requested software before the fall, winter or summer semesters. Software requests for office computers are not included in this process and can be requested at any time. 

Communication Methods

  • At the beginning of each request period, an email outlining the ISW process will be sent to Associate Deans, Faculty Directors, APSS, and Lab Coordinators.
    • It is the responsibility of each department director and/or APSS to relay this communication to the rest of their department.
  • 2 Weeks prior to each request period’s closing date, a follow-up email will be sent to each of the groups outlined above.

Department Meetings

It is highly recommended; although not required, that a member of the ISW Team be present at a department meeting during the ISW request period. This allows members of your department the chance to ask questions and get immediate feedback and recommendations. This also ensures requests are properly vetted and deployed.

Summer / Fall Request Period

The Summer / Fall Request Period is the main request period for instructional software. Any requests which require a purchase should be made during this period in order for budget increase requests to be submitted.

  • Request Opening - The instructional software request process for Summer and Fall semesters will begin on the last Thursday of January annually.
  • Summer Requests Closed - Requests for Summer I and Summer II semesters are accepted until the Friday before spring break.
  • Fall Requests Closed - Requests for fall semesters are accepted until the last Friday in May.

Winter / Summer Request Period

Due to limited time available between the fall and winter semesters, requests during this period should be reserved for minor updates and/or location changes. Requests received during this period where a purchase is required, are not included in the instructional software budget, and are the responsibility of the requesting department.

  • Request Opening - The instructional software request process for Winter and Summer semesters will begin on the last Thursday of October annually.
  • Summer Requests Closed - Requests for Summer I and Summer II semesters are accepted until the Friday before spring mid-semester break.
  • Winter Requests Closed - Requests for winter semesters are accepted until the last Friday in November.

Requests made Outside of Request Windows (Emergency Software Requests)

All instructional use labs and classrooms are subject to the emergency software request process. 

**All requests received outside of the ISW request windows which require a purchase, will be the responsibility of the requesting department’s account.

  • If request is received outside of a request window it will initially be reviewed for feasibility.
    • Certain requests where software is already packaged and can be easily deployed may be allowed without further escalation as long as the semester has not begun.
    • Any requests received outside of the request window, where the semester has already begun, are subject to the emergency request process.
  • Requester will be informed via email that their request is subject to the terms of the emergency software request process. Instructions for further action will be included in the email.
  • Request must be approved by the Associate Dean with oversight over the requesting department.
  • Final approval is required by the Chief Information Officer.
  • If request is approved, it will be implemented as soon as possible. An ETA will be provided.
  • If a request is not approved, it can be placed on hold until the following request period, or the decision can be disputed with the Associate Dean.

Submitting Requests

  • All requests must be submitted to the Support Desk via the TeamDynamix ticketing system. The link for submitting requests can be accessed here.
  • Requests must be submitted by a department liaison, either a director, APSS or full-time faculty.
  • Tickets will be automatically created from the form responses and assigned to the ISW Process Team Lead.
  • If the software request deems necessary, a meeting will be scheduled to discuss the software request with the requester and any additional stakeholders.
    • If the requester does not know what software they want, they would need to describe the software they need and an IT representative will research possible solutions for them.

Review Process

  • Once the request process has closed, each request will be reviewed by the instructional software team.
  • Demo copies and quotes of the software will be obtained to aid in the review process.
  • Endpoint Adminstrators review the software to determine additional needs and its suitability for imaging in the lab(s) /classroom(s) for which it is requested.
    • If software evaluation determines additional hardware needs, specs and quotes are obtained.
  • If there are no issues with the software and it was requested within the fall instructional software request period, the ISW budget will pay for instructional software requests. Additional hardware and other devices would come from hardware budgets and/or departmental budgets.


  • Software is not in instructional software budget
    • IT will work with the requesters to help find lower cost solutions for their software needs.
    • Requesting department will be responsible for obtaining budget.
  • Showstopper issues (e.g. security, incompatibility in environment, etc.)
    • IT reps inform the requesters of the issues and work to resolve them. This may lead to an alternative solution or it may lead to the request being withdrawn.
  • Cannot support the software and/or hardware
    • IT reps work with the requesters to find an alternative software solution to suit their needs.
  • Request is determined to be an operational software request.
    • Operational software requests may be submitted at any time; however, these requests are not covered by the Instructional Software budget.
  • Request results in a situation requiring escalation to a project. This is outlined in additional detail in the next section.

Requests Escalated to Projects

The reasons below may result in a request being classified as a project. A feasibility study will be completed prior to escalation in order to determine if a request warrants a Project Request. 

  • Request requires a new server.
  • Purchase of new software results in an amount greater than or equal to $5,000.00 and/or there is not enough instructional software budget to accommodate request.
  • Amount of time to complete request exceeds 40 working hours.
  • Request does not identify specific solution and will exceed 10 hours of research time.
  • Budget increase for new software is not approved.

Procurement, Testing and Deployment

  1. Software and any necessary hardware are purchased.
  2. Instructional software tickets are converted to tasks within the applicable Instructional Software Project.
  3. Software is packaged and/or deployed using enterprise deployment technologies.
    1. If software is unable to be packaged, the software will be manually installed by the desktop support team.
  4. A schedule for lab and classroom images is determined by the instructional software team.
    1. Scheduling for lab imaging is determined by software and/or hardware requirements, and lab or room availability.
  5. Lab/Classroom test machines are identified and image testers are recruited and scheduled.
    1. Testers should be faculty familiar with the new software. When testers are not available, department / requester must sign off on the setup provided.
  6. A technician manually installs the software on a test machine; the tester is informed of its availability.
  7. Software is updated, if necessary, and subsequently tested.
  8. Changes are made and deployed to the respective lab/classroom.

Appendix A - Definitions & Abbreviations

AD – Associate Dean

BCO – Budget Control Officer

CAD – Computer-Aided Design (also used for device type)

CIS – Computer Information Systems

ISW – Instructional Software

IT – Information Technology

Mech & Arch – Mechanical and Architectural

Appendix B - Building Abbreviations


Applied Technology Center


Cook Academic Hall


Calkins Science Center


Holland Home Raybrook


Lakeshore Campus


Learner Resource Center




Raleigh J. Finkelstein


Student Community College


Sneden Hall


Tassell MTEC

Appendix C - Instructional Software Team & Positions




ISW Role

Debra Hintz

Chief Information Officer

Final approval for emergency software requests.

Stephen Brozek

Endpoint Administrator

Windows application packaging & lab imaging coordinator.

David Houseman

Endpoint Administrator

Windows & Mac application packaging.

Brandon Kaines

Information Security Officer

Reviews new software requests for security concerns.

Kelly Webber

Director of Customer Support

Coordinates Endpoint Administrators & consults w/ Project Manager

Jeff VanderVeen

Senior IT Asset & Project Manager

Instructional Software Process Project Manager & BCO.


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