Articles pertaining to an Instructor's use of Blackboard.

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Accessing Panopto

How to access Panopto

Add Course in Panopto

How to initially add a course to Panopto in order to link videos seamlessly

Add Opinion Questions to a Test in Blackboard

Creating opinion based questions allows you to give students the chance to choose from an opinion scale based on what they believe.

Adding a Test in Blackboard

Information about how to create a test for a class in Blackboard.

Adding a Web Link as Course Content

You can embed a web link so that it appears as a standalone piece of content alongside other materials.

Adding Announcements in Blackboard

Announcements can be used to inform students of upcoming tests, quizzes, or homework, changes in the Syllabus or other documents, or reviewing what was covered during a previous class session.

Adding Calculated Numeric Questions to Tests

Adding calculated numeric questions to a test allows students to enter a number for an equation, you are then allowed to add a range for the questions that is correct.

Adding Files to a Course

You can add files and folders to Course Files in multiple ways, including when you create course content.

Adjust Course Visibility in Course List

Customizing your Blackboard course list visibility.

Adjust Individual Student Course Availability

How to adjust an individual student's availability in a course after they had been dropped and re-enrolled.

Blackboard Assessment Options

An overview of various types of assessments available to instructors in Blackboard.

Blackboard Assessments - Creating Either/Or Questions

How to create Either/Or questions on a test in Blackboard.

Blackboard Assessments - Hot Spot Questions

Adding questions to an assessment where the users will indicate the answer by marking a specific point on an image.

Blackboard Collaboration Tools

Information regarding interacting with students using the various collaboration tools available on Blackboard.

Blackboard Course Contacts

Use the contacts tool to add profile information about yourself and other staff for students.

Blackboard Grading

Various options for grading assessments in Blackboard.

Blackboard guest user missing from Manage Users tool

Possible solution to guest users missing from the manage users tool in Blackboard.

Blackboard Prompting for Login When Viewing PDF

How to address PDFs only loading the first page in Blackboard

Blackboard Requiring password for Respondus Test

The use of Respondus automatically adds a password to a test in Blackboard, it's functionality is on the backend and the students will not need to enter the password if they are using Lockdown browser.

Blackboard Template Courses

Overview of the process instructors can use to preserve their courses using templates.

Classes Missing from Instructors Blackboard Course List

Course assignments are managed and updated by the department APSS.

Clearing an Attempt in Blackboard

How to clear a student attempt to allow for an additional attempt within Blackboard.

Copy, Import and Export a Test in Blackboard

Instructions for copying over single tests in Blackboard from one course to another.

Course Copy instructions

Instructions on how to do a Course Copy in Blackboard.

Course Entry Point Options

Modifying Blackboard course style options, including layout, appearance, and banner.

Create a SafeAssignment

Creating an assignment using SafeAssign.

Creating a Wiki

Wikis allow course members to contribute and modify one or more pages of course-related materials and provide a means of sharing and collaboration.

Creating an Assignment

Information on creating and editing assignments for Blackboard courses.

Creating File Response Questions for Tests

How to create file response questions for tests in Blackboard.

Creating Jumbled Sentence Question

Jumbled Sentence questions require students to select words or phrases from a menu to complete a sentence.

Creating Multiple Choice Questions

How to create multiple choice questions on tests in Blackboard.

Deleting Blackboard Course Content

Bulk Deleting content from a Blackboard course

Deleting Columns in Grade Center

Instructions for removing a column in Blackboard's Grade Center.

Downloading the Blackboard App

How to download the Blackboard App

Edit Grade Visibility for Students in Blackboard

Edit the visibility of an assignment's grade from the Full Grade Center in Blackboard.

Enabling Guest access for course in Blackboard

How to enable Guest Access for a course within Blackboard.

Exporting and Importing Courses

How to export and import courses in Blackboard.

Grading Blackboard Discussions

How to grade discussion posts on discussion boards.

How to find Qwickly

Where to find Qwickly

Linking Panopto Videos to Blackboard

How to link Panopto Videos within Blackboard

Making a Course Available to a Single Student

How to adjust the availability of a course for a single student if they need to access a course after it's completed.

Making a Course Available to Students

Instructions for how to set the course availability to open early before the first day of the semester.

Manage Users in Blackboard Course

How to Add/Remove users and modify users roles within a Blackboard course using the Modify Users tool.

Modifying Rules for Adaptive Release Content

Using an Adaptive Release basic rule, you can control the availability of a content item or folder according to: date and time, user list or group membership, Grade Center data, review status.

Multiple destination domains per transaction is unsupported

Resolving a bounceback message of Multiple destination domains per transaction is unsupported when sending a Blackboard Email

Organizing Grade Center

Organizing the Grade Center view in Blackboard.

Quiz Bowl Questions

Quiz bowl questions allow teachers to ask a question with multiple text answers, and forces the students to answer in the form of a question.

Randomize Test Questions

Utilizing random blocks to randomize questions in Blackboard.

Sending Email to Students Within Blackboard

Sending an email to students from within Blackboard without launching a separate email program.

Setting up Lockdown Browser Test for Chromebook

Instructions for Instructors to enable the use of Chromebooks during a Blackboard test/quiz/exam.

Setting up Lockdown Browser Test for iPad

How instructors can enable Respondus Lockdown Browser tests to be taken on an iPad.

Setting up Test Exceptions in Blackboard

How to set up exceptions for a test to give extra time or attempts to individual students.


Resources pertaining to SmarterProctor

Student not Showing in Blackboard Grade Center

Checking student visibility status in the Blackboard Grade Center

Student Preview Mode in Blackboard

Viewing a course from a student's perspective.

Students Getting Kicked Out of Respondus - Settings Error

Explanation of why students may be getting kicked out of Respondus Lockdown Browser tests and how to prevent it.

Unable to Add Content in Blackboard - Quota Exceeded

How to upload more content into a course when you have exceeded Blackboards folder quota.

Understanding Grade Columns

Information for using grade columns in Blackboard.

Upload Videos to Share on Blackboard

How to upload videos to Google Drive, Panopto, and YouTube in order to share on Blackboard

Verify Student Activity in Blackboard

Generating reports for student activity within a Blackboard course to verify attempts at accessing content. Also a work around for the "last access date" not working within Blackboard.

Viewing SafeAssign Submissions

Viewing and grading assignments submitted with SafeAssign.

When will courses be made available for the next Semester

When courses for future semesters are made available to instructors in Blackboard

Work Offline with Blackboard Grade Center

How to download grades from your grade center to work offline.

Submitting Assignments and SafeAssign

A link to Blackboard resources regarding SafeAssign