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Articles pertaining to an Instructor's use of Blackboard.


Articles pertaining to a Student's use of Blackboard.

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Pinned Article Blackboard Support

For assistance with Non-GRCC specific issues relating to Blackboard

Pinned Article Getting Logged in to Blackboard

How to get started with Blackboard at GRCC.

Adjust Course Visibility in Course List

Customizing your Blackboard course list visibility.

Blackboard High Contrast Accessibility Setting

Blackboard Accessibility settings utilized options set in your operating system

Change Course Name in Blackboard

Changing the name of your course as it appears in Blackboard

Changing The Default Language On Blackboard

A walkthrough on how to change the default language setting on Blackboard.

Copy / Pasting Text Into Blackboard

Clearing formatting on text when copying and pasting into Blackboard

Course Evaluations

Information regarding the course evaluation process.

Failed to Submit Assignments in Safari

Safari 11.1 is currently incompatible with Blackboard assignment submissions.

Unable to Log In to Blackboard

What credentials do I use for Blackboard? How to reset your Blackboard password.

View a SafeAssignment Originality Report

SafeAssign Report provides detailed information about the matches found between your submitted paper and existing sources.