Articles pertaining to a Student's use of Blackboard.

Articles (19)

Blackboard class not showing/missing after enrollment

Courses take 15-30 minutes before they will show up in Blackboard after enrollment

Blackboard exam submitted incomplete

Blackboard exam, test, or quiz closed out and submitted incomplete.

Blackboard Groups

Utilizing groups in Blackboard for collaboration, file exchanging, group blogs, and more.

Blackboard Mobile Course List

How to update which courses show in the Blackboard Mobile App

Course Marked as Unavailable

Course availability is set by the instructor, and by default is set to the course start date.

Ed2Go Assistance

How to assist customers regarding access issues for the website Ed2Go.

Install LockDown Browser Extension on a Chromebook

How students enable the Chromebook Extension for Respondus Lockdown Browser.

Installing Lockdown Browser on a MacBook

Instructions on how to install the lockdown browser for Macbook devices

Installing Lockdown Browser on a Windows PC

Instructions on Installing Lockdown Browser for Windows PC

Installing Respondus Lockdown Browser on a personal device

How to download Respondus Lockdown Browser on a personal computer.

My Blackboard Organization list is not correct

Who manages Blackboard Organizations enrollments.

Send an Email to Other Students in Blackboard

Sending mail to other course members without having to launch an email client or find their email address.

Submitting Google Docs on Blackboard

How to submit a document created in Google Drive to Blackboard

Unable to Login to Blackboard App

How to resolve being unable to log into the Blackboard app.

Unable to Save or Submit Test Answers

If the "force completion setting" is enabled, errors can occur when on an unreliable connection.

Unable to View Discussion Board Posts

Student is unable to view discussion board posts.

View my SafeAssign Submission

Viewing a SafeAssignment after it has been submitted.