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How do I copy content from one course into another in Blackboard? 



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  1. In Blackboard, open the source course where you want to copy from. 
  2. Under Course Management, click Packages and Utilities
  3. Click Course Copy
  4. Click Browse next to Destination Course ID and locate the course you will be copying to. 
  5. Click Submit
  6. Under Select Course Materials, check which course materials you would like to be transferred or click Select All to bring over everything. 
  7. Leave Include Enrollments in the Copy unchecked. 
  8. Click Submit
  9. You will receive an email from Blackboard when the course copy is complete. 

Watch the video below for a demonstration of this process.


  • Verify Permissions: Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to access and copy content from both the source and destination courses.
  • Select the Correct Destination: Double-check that you've chosen the correct destination course where you want to copy the materials. 
  • Consider Date Availability: Be mindful of any date restrictions or availability settings in the destination course. Adjust these settings if necessary to align with the copied content.
  • Review Material Selection: Carefully review and select the specific course materials you want to copy. Avoid copying unnecessary items to keep the destination course clutter-free.
  • Check Links and References: After copying, verify that links and references within the materials still work correctly in the destination course. Update any links that may have changed.
  • Test the Copied Content: After the copy process is complete, navigate through the destination course to ensure that all materials transferred successfully and maintain their formatting.

Please refer to the Blackboard Help article for more information about completing a course copy.

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