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What is a Blackboard Template and how can I request one? 



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What are they?

A Blackboard Template is a blank course that instructors can use to create their content. Templates provide a basic framework for organizing course content, such as modules, assignments, and assessments. 


What are the benefits?

Templates are like a sandbox environment for instructors to build their course content. This means that templates provide a safe and isolated space to experiment with different course structures and content. This can be helpful for ensuring that the course is well-organized and easy to navigate before it is made available to students.


How do they work?

  • Once the Template course has been created, it will be listed on the Courses page under Templates & Course Shells
  • A Template uses a standard naming format - the instructors username, course, and then Template.  For example, JSMITH.BI101.TEMPLATE. 
  • Initially the Template course will be completely blank and you can begin building out your content.
  • Add additional instructors to the course if needed. Do not include students
  • When the Template course has been built and its ready to be deployed to students, you can Course Copy from the Template course (source) to the live course (destination) 
  • You will never lose access to your Template courses, thus preserving any work that an instructor would like to use in the future.
  • If a majority of work has been done within an assigned Blackboard course, an instructor also has the option to request a template, then course copy into the template so their work is preserved.


How can I request one?

Contact the TLDE department or submit a Template Service Request

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