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The Information Technology department offers several accounts to campus citizens.

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The official GRCC student ID and your on campus debit card, used for parking, purchasing items from on campus stores and restaurants, and accessing free and money saving resources on and off campus.

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Advocate Conduct System Issues

Student data is missing from the Advocate conduct system.

ALEKS Placement Test Saving Progress

Aleks placement tests will save progress of a test if resumed within 48 hours.

CampusLogic: Account Unlock

Financial Aid can unlock the CampusLogic accounts.

Changing Your Display Name in Google

Your Google display name will not automatically update, you will need to change it on the Google About Me page.

Changing your PeopleSoft Password

Changing your PeopleSoft password via the Password Reset Tool, or by contacting IT Support

Connecting to GRCC Wireless (Mac OS X)

Instructions for connecting to GRCC Wireless using Mac OS X.

Continuity Spectrum

Requesting access to the application Continuity Spectrum.

Former Employee Unable to See Electronic W-2s

Information pertaining to electronic W-2 forms and former employees.

FTP/Raider Server Login

Instructions how student can login to the FTP Raider Server.

Job Applicant Sign in/Account Creation Password Field Adding Additional Characters

Additional characters are not actually being added, it is just visually displaying a random number of dots as a security feature.

Logging in to FileZilla

How to connect to the Raider server using FileZilla for certain CIS classes.

MyGRCC Account Disabled

Reasons a MyGRCC account may become disabled.

MyGRCC Password Expiration Notification

Information on how to reset a Campus Network password before or after it expires using the lookup profile

MyGRCC Username

Discusses username formatting used for the MyGRCC Portal.

Name Change Process

Information regarding the name change process.

Overview of all Network Accounts

As a new employee, you will encounter many different types of technology here at the college.

Resetting your ArcGIS Online Password

Information on reseting your ArcGIS Online password.

Student Access Timeline

Timeline for when students receive access to various accounts.

Student Email Login Credentials

Student email addresses use the Campus Network Username and password, and can be found/reset using the Password Reset System.

Student Laptop Loaner passwords

Username and password for a student loaner laptop.

Unable to Connect to GRCC Secure

Troubleshooting when an individual is unable to get onto GRCC Secure from their personal device.

Unable to Login to GRCC Laptop After Password Change/Reset

Password changes only reflect on campus computer logins if the computer is on the campus network.

Unable to Login/Reset Password for External Job Application

Logging in or resetting a password in the external applicant job portal

Unable to reset password for MyGRCC Portal

This article contains information on how to determine why you are unable to set up a new password for you MyGRCC portal account to due to Challenge Answers not enrolled.