Change Preferred Name, Pronouns, and Gender Identity in Online Center


How do I change the preferred name, pronouns, and gender identity associated with my GRCC account?



  • Online Student Center



Through this process, students can change their preferred name and specify gender identity and pronouns from a predetermined list and certain GRCC pages and reports will display those fields. For example, a faculty class roster will display a student's preferred name. However, this does not allow students to change their username.



Preliminary steps:

  1. In a web browser of your choosing, navigate to the MyGRCC portal
  2. Log into your account
  3. Click on Online Student Center
  4. Click on Profile

To change preferred name:

  1. Select the Personal tab of the Personal Details screen
  2. Click on the "Preferred" name type
  3. Enter preferred name and prefix
  4. Click Save

To change pronouns and gender identity:

  1. Select the Biographic tab of the Personal Details screen
  2. Changing pronouns:
    1. Click on the Pronouns field
    2. Click on the Pronouns selection box and select desired pronouns
    3. Click Save
  3. Changing gender identity:
    1. Click on the Gender Identity field
    2. Click on the Gender Identity selection box and select desired gender identity
    3. Click Save


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