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Articles pertaining to requesting, viewing, and printing official and unofficial transcripts

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ALEKS Math Placement Button Not Opening Test

Student cannot access the ALEKS Math Placement test after clicking on the Math Placement button in their Online Center.

Attendance Verification and Reporting Guide

The attendance policy for students, implemented in Fall 2018

Declare a New Academic Program

In order for returning students to become active, they need to submit a declaration of academic program though the Online Center.

Drop a Class

How to drop a class in the Online Student Center.

Email Notification of Declaration of Academic Program

Students will be notified by their preferred email if their GRCC email is not active when declaring an academic program.

Enroll in a Class

How to add a class within your Online Student Center account.

Error when clicking Add/Drop Classes

Resolving an error message when clicking on the Add/Drop classes link within the online center.

Faculty Performance Evaluation Extension Request

How to request an FPE (Faculty Performance Evaluation) extension request.

Locating Pay Information

Where to locate pay information within the Online Center

No valid enrollment appointments error

What causes a "No valid enrollment appointments" error and next steps.

Online Center Payment Button Is Missing

What to do if the payment button is missing from the Online Student Center.

Online Center: Textbooks

Steps for finding required course materials within the Online Center.

Readmit Notification

You will receive notification to your prefered email until a student email is generated for you.

Term Activation/Missing Enrollment Appointment

How to tell if you need to be term activated, and if so, how to be term activated.

View Official Grades

How to view your grades in the Online Student Center.

Viewing and Updating Personal Contact Information

Instructions on updating your personal information within the online student center (e.g., home address, email address, phone number, etc.).

What is my Student ID number

Where to look for your student identification number.