ALEKS Math Placement Button Not Opening Test


In the Online Center in the Placement Test panel, when clicking the Math Placement button the test does not open in a new tab.



  • Online Center



  1. Make sure pop-up blocker is not blocking this test from opening in a new tab.
  2. Clear cookies and cache from the browser.
    • Hold down Ctrl + Shift + Delete keys and clear browsing history based on the browser in use.



  1. If the student is trying to take the test off-campus, first verify that the student has not taken the test before.
    • If they have taken the test before, they will have to get a new testing code.
  2. If they are a dual-enrolled or early college student and did not score high enough on their ACT/SAT, they will have to come to campus for their first time taking the ALEKS placement test. This is scheduled with the Enrollment Center.
  3. If above conditions do not apply the name contains an apostrophe which will generate a URL for ALEKS that causes it to error out and not load. Student Records will need to change their name on file or Enrollment Center can create a new link.



Contact the Enrollment Center at (616) 234-3300. If an Enrollment Center Specialist is unable to assist, contact Jason Schueller who is the GRCC ALEKS liaison.  He can be reached at (616) 234-3106. 


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Fri 12/14/18 10:38 AM
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