Term Activation/Missing Enrollment Appointment


  • Online Student Center



Term activation is how the school refers to giving a student the proper permissions to enroll for a given semester. If you want to enroll in Fall classes, you need to be term activated for fall. In most cases, this is seamless and the student isn't even aware of it, it happens automatically. Under certain circumstances, it does not happen automatically and the student will need to request that it be done. 

Some indications you might need to be term activated:

  • The search/add class link is missing from the Academics section of your Online Student Center
  • When you click on the Add or Drop class link it doesn't allow you to choose the semester you want
  • The main page of your Student Center account says, "You are not currently eligible to enroll for the current or next available term."


When you find an open class that you wish to enroll in but the 'Select Class' button is not there:

  • Contact the Enrollment Center (616)234-3300
  • Ask them to term activate you for the semester you wish to enroll in classes for



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