Declare a New Academic Program


A returning student would like to start taking classes again, however they need to create a new Academic Program so they can enroll in courses. 



  • Online Student Center



Completing a declaration of academic program is the new readmit process into the college.



  1. Log into the MyGRCC Portal
  2. Click on the Online Student Center App
  3. Click on the Academic Records Tile
  4. Click on Declare Academic Program
  5. Click on the Declare Program button or the this page hyperlink in the paragraph above (If you selected the hyperlink option, skip to the next section)
  6. Select a Degree or Certificate followed by a Academic Plan
  7. Click the Slider Button under the signature section so it shows a green yes.
  8. Click the I confirm selection above is correct. button to complete the process

If you chose the this page hyperlink the process is a little different

  1. Fill out the Personal Information form (Student ID, Reason for returning, First name, Last name)
  2. Select a Degree Type 
  3. Select a Program (if applicable)
  4. Click the I agree check box  
  5. Click Submit 

Once form is submitted it may take 2-4 business days before processed.


A student has not been with the institution for over 2 years, this requires them to create a new Academic Program.



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