MyGRCC Password Expiration Notification


I have received a notification that my password has or is about to expire.



  • Campus Computers
  • Password Reset System



If your password is about expire

  1. Visit
  2. Complete the Password Self-Service process.
    • Note: We are unable to reset passwords via email. Your MyGRCC password expires every 120 days and must be changed. MyGRCC passwords must be unique each time they are changed and cannot be reused.

If your password has expired and you are on campus

  1. Log in to a campus computer using the Lookup account:
    • Username: lookup
    • Password: lookup
  2. The password reset system will load automatically
    • Some campus computers are launching to the old system, if this happens simply log out and back in and the new system will launch.
  3. Enter the required verification information
  4. Set a new password
  5. Upon completion, you will be logged out automatically, or click Log Off


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