The official GRCC student ID and your on campus debit card, used for parking, purchasing items from on campus stores and restaurants, and accessing free and money saving resources on and off campus.

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Access and use of student spaces

Provides information regarding GRCC's recreational spaces.

Admin student view in Student link

You can login as a student within student link to get the users view.

Atrium to Card exchange error

To utilize if:
1) Student has an account in atrium but not available in card exchange
2) or if the photo a student uploaded in student link gets an error "atrium error. 'remote record not found' "

Deposit Funds on a RaiderCard as a Guest

Depositing Funds to a RaiderCard as a guest (family & friends.)

Depositing Funds on a RaiderCard

Adding funds to your RaiderCard online using a credit/debit card.