Depositing Funds on a RaiderCard


How do I add money to my RaiderCard?


  • RaiderCard
  • StudentLink
  • Blackboard



Depositing Funds Online

  1. Navigate to the StudentLink website


  1. Login to Blackboard
  2. Click Login Here
  3. Log into the StudentLink page with your Blackboard credentials
  4. Click My Account on the left side panel
  5. Click Make a Deposit
  6. Enter the ID Number
  7. Select an Amount to add
  8. Enter an Email address for payment receipt
  9. Click Continue to Payment
  10. Enter all of the information as it appears on the credit card
  11. Click Pay to complete the transaction.


Depositing Funds on Campus

Another option is to use the various cash2card machines located on campus:

  • Outside of the financial aid office.
  • First floor of the student center.
  • Library lobby.
  • ATC outside Art & Bevs.
  • GR M-Tec lobby.

You can also deposit up to $200 onto your RaiderCard directly from financial aid money after the money is released for book purchase at the beginning of a semester, if you have it available.

The last option is to go to the cashier's office and make a deposit. You can have money removed from your RaiderCard at the cashier's office as well.


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