Student Access Timeline


Information on when students gain and loose access to various systems 



  • MyGRCC
  • Google Workspace
  • Campus Workstations
  • Blackboard



Account  Description
MyGRCC Account Creation A student's MyGRCC account is created as soon as an application is loaded into PeopleSoft.  
Email Account Creation A student will have access to their student email as long as they are term activated for current or future term.
Email Account Deactivation When a student is no longer term activated for a current or future term they will lose access to their student email. Therefore, we strongly encourage students not to use their email accounts for personal use. For specific information on eligibility check the Student Email Eligibility Knowledge Base
Campus Computer Access
  • Students will be able to log into campus computers 14 days before a class begins that they are registered for.
  • Ferris students will have access to campus computers as long as they have an "FSU" service indicator. 
  • Any student with an "ORI" or "ORO" service indicator with a term in the last year will have access to campus computers.
Campus Computer Deactivation Students will lose access to these resources 90 days after their class ends.
Password Reset Eligibility Alumni who have had a network account within the last 10 years are able to reset their network passphrase (password). Access will be indefinite.
Blackboard Blackboard access will be granted when the network account is created. Access is indefinite.


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