Student Laptop Loaner Passwords


What is the password for my loaner laptop?



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As of March 2021, newly distributed student loaners will be equipped with a grccstudent account.

  • All loaner devices will be set up with a grccstudent local account with a default password. This password will be given to the student by the library.
  • Upon first login, students will be required to create a new password at first log-on. Meaning each student will end up with a unique and secure account.
  • This account is designed to expire one week past the end date of each semester encouraging students to return the device. This end date is calculated based on the first log-on date of the grccstudent account.
    • The semester end dates are pulled from the academic calendar.
  • This account is a member of the administrator group. This means they have the authority to install applications. As a reminder, accounts will always see a User Account Control (UAC) prompt when installing an application.
  • Passwords for this account expire every 120 days. In the event a student has the device for that length of time, Windows will handle prompting and resetting the account.
  • IMPORTANT: Students will not have the ability to self-service reset these passwords if forgotten. Students will need to return their device to the library and receive a new device in the event they forget their password. Information Technology will only reset passwords for these devices in specific and special circumstances.

Loaner laptops that were distributed prior to March 2021 use MyGRCC login credentials.

  • If prompted for Admin credentials students will use this local admin account
    • username: .\GRCCLoan
    • password: grcc


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