Unable to Login/Reset Password for External Job Application


When logging in or attempting to reset the password on an external job application account, the reset email is not received.



  • Job Application Portal (HRProd)



The external job application login uses a user-created username, not the email address provided when registering for an account.


Cause Check

  • Ensure that the username is being use, not the email address
  • Check the spam folder of the email used during the registration process
  • Clear web browser cookies and cache
  • Attempt to reset password with Forgot Password link



The Human Resources Department is responsible for assisting with forgotten usernames or passwords. They can be reached at hr@grcc.edu or. 616-234-3972.

  • When attempting to log in or reset the password, use the custom username chosen during the account creation process
  • If the username is not know, click the Forgot Username link on the log in page
    • This will ask for the email used to register, and will send the username to that address
  • If the forgot username link does not return a username, it is possible that the email used to register is a different email address


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Thu 3/7/19 10:02 AM
Thu 2/8/24 12:10 PM