Common hardware troubleshooting tips and information relating to the equipment provided by GRCC Information Technology.

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Computer Audio not Working

Quick troubleshooting tips for when the sound is not working on your computer.

Computer Mouse Not Working

Quick troubleshooting tips for when a wired mouse is not working before calling IT Support Desk.

Computer Won't Power On

Troubleshooting tips to try and resolve an issue with a computer powering on before calling the IT Support Desk.

Connecting AUX Video in a Classroom

How to use the auxiliary inputs on a multimedia podium in a classroom.

Dell Laptop Dock Not Charging or Displaying Image

Basic troubleshooting for Dell laptops connected to external monitor and charger via dock.

Keyboard Not Working

Quick troubleshooting tips to try when a keyboard is not working before calling the IT Support Desk at -4357

Loaner Laptop Availability

Laptops can be loaned to Students, Faculty, and Staff members of GRCC

Multimedia Podium Informational Packet

How to use the Multimedia Podium.

No Signal on Monitor

Quick troubleshooting tips for when nothing is displaying on the monitor.

Office Monitor Flickering Randomly

Power cycling the dock and disabling selective suspend to resolve monitor flicker on Dell and OneLink docks

Playing a DVD from a Multimedia Station

How to use the DVD player inside a classroom multimedia podium or rack.

Projector not Displaying an Image

Quick troubleshooting tips if nothing will display on a classroom projector.

Using a Document Camera (ELMO)

How to use the Elmo/Document camera on the multimedia podium.

Using the Computer in a Multimedia Station

Instructions to operate the computers built into the classroom multimedia rack or podium.

Wireless Keyboard Typing Slowly or Sporadically

Having Num Lock enabled on the wired keyboard can interfere with the wireless keyboard functionality.