Laptop Vending Machine User Guide


This user guide is to be used in conjunction with on-site training. The following graphics shown are used in a common checkout procedure and while your individual kiosk user interface could contain slightly different graphics or flow the general idea should be same.

Current kiosk locations

  • Calkins Science Center, First Floor, North Hallway
  • Lakeshore Campus: South hallway

Unable to use the kiosk? Check out the related article regarding receiving an Invalid user error when trying to use the laptop vending machine



The Checkout Screen


 Clicking this button will start the checkout and proceed to the Agree to terms page. Users in some environments may be able to simply scan the ID card in place of clicking the checkout button on the checkout screen and the kiosk will automatically take them to Agree to Terms page.

 Information buttons taking you to screens that display the corresponding information.

Terms – shows a page that displays the Terms of Service.
FAQs – shows a Frequently Asked Questions Page
How to Return - Graphic displaying how to return a device.


The Kiosk Status Box

The rows and slots represent the kiosk layout of bays. This part of the kiosk refreshes every minute and may be delayed as to actual status but every minute or so will refresh and update based on the database.


This indicated the laptop in the bay is available to be checked out. The kiosk will automatically select the laptop for the user during the checkout process.


This indicates that the laptop is currently charging and is not currently at the minimum battery level.


This indicates that the laptop is currently blocked and is not available to be checked out.


This indicates that the bay is currently showing as empty.


 Agree to Terms Page

The user must agree to the Terms in order to proceed to the scan card page.
Scrolling this page is only achieved through touching the white area in the scroll bar. The interface does not support dragging the bar down.


Scan Card Page

The User may scan the Raidercard magnetic stripe. Pictures of cards are not supported.


User's Last Name and Checkout

After this screen, the machine will ask for the User's last name. Once the user puts in the correct credentials, a laptop will eject from the machine.


The Return Procedure

Once the user is done with the laptop, it can be returned to the machine by placing it into a empty slot.

After that a receipt will pop up on the screen and the receipt will emailed to the user.

Once done, a user can hit okay in the right corner to complete the process.


Late Returns (Error when requesting a loaner)

If a student does not return the loaner laptop within the permitted 4 hour window, they must pay the late fee on their account. This can be paid for at the Library Desk. A new loan request will show an error when signing in if there is a balance due from a previous loan, and they will not be able to request a new one.

Students can check their previous loan duration from the emailed receipt they received when they turned in the loaner laptop.


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