Computer Audio not Working


Sound is not playing from a computer.



  • Faculty/Staff Workstation
  • Classroom Technology


Cause Check

Non-Classroom system:

  • Ensure that mute is not turned on and the volume is set to a decent level in the program you are using
  • Ensure that the computer's sound is not muted:
    • In the lower right hand corner (by the clock), right-click the speaker icon 
    • Click Open Volume Mixer
    • Make sure that your device and application volumes are not muted 
  • Ensure correct audio output is selected
    • In the lower right hand corner (by the clock), click the speaker icon 
    • Click on the output option 
      • Typically "speaker" or "USB" if using external USB speakers
    • Toggle between options 
  • Ensure that your speakers (if external) are turned on and plugged in
  • Ensure that the speakers are plugged into the correct port in the back of the computer
    • Typically a USB
  • If the computer is using USB speakers then switch to a different port and wait a few minutes for the drivers to install
  • Check your default audio device
    1. Right-click the sound icon  
    2. Click open sound settings
    3. Select the proper device
      • Typically "speaker" or "USB" if using external USB speakers
    4. Click Set Default
    5. Click OK
  • Reboot the computer

Classroom System:

  • In addition to those tips above, Ensure that the AV Mute button is not illuminated
  • Ensure that the volume is turned up on the control panel (black control box on the podium)

If you have tried all of the following and the audio is still not working please contact the IT Support Desk at ext. 4357. 

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