Printing Services

Information Technology offers several printing services to the campus community.

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Pinned Article Faculty and Staff Printing From a Personal Device

Utilizing Google Cloud Printing to print documents from a personal device to the Konica Minolta printers

Pinned Article Printing Cost

Cost of printing for faculty, staff, and students on the Konica Minolta printers

Pinned Article Printing to a Konica Minolta Printer from a Campus Computer

Instructions for printing to the new Konica Minolta printers, which utilize PaperCut print management software.

Pinned Article Student Printing from a Personal Device

Printing to Campus Printers using your personal device through Google Cloud Printing

Accessing the GRCC Fax Number Directory

How to lookup fax numbers at GRCC

Adjusting the Volume on Konica Minolta Printers

Instructions for adjusting the volume on a Konica Minolta MFP

Card Reader on Printer is not Working

Power Cycling a Konica Minolta printer to resolve issues with the card reader.

Change Default to Print on One Side

Instructions on how to change your default print settings from duplexing to printing on one side.

Darkening Scans on a Konica Minolta Printer

Using the device functions option to get more in depth scanning features, including image adjustments.

Faxing From the New Konica Minolta Printers

Instructions for sending a fax using the new Konica Minolta printers (if equipped.)

HP Printer Service or Toner/Ink Replacement

HP printers are not covered under Konica, and should be directed to ePrint

Konica Minolta Imaging Unit Error

How to tell which printers with an imaging unit error needs to be called into Konica.

Konica Printer Missing from Available Print Devices

Find_Me_BW has been replaced by Find_Me_Gray

Lines/Smudges on Prints, Copies, or Scans

Troubleshooting smudges on prints/scans/copies from a Konica Minolta printer.

Papercut Not Displaying Popup

Troubleshooting issues with the PaperCut dialog box not appearing when submitting a print job.

Power Cycling a Konica Minolta Printer

Instructions for restarting or power cycling the printers in case of an error message.

Print Dialog Window not Opening when Clicking Print

The print settings window will not appear in Windows without having first set a default printer.

Print Jobs not Printing - Clearing the Queue

Tips for clearing a stuck job on the printer before contacting the IT Support Desk for further assistance

Printing with the Event Login / RaiderCard

Printing with the event login credentials can be done with the event print card or by logging in manually to the printer

Scan to ImageNow from Konica Printer

Scanning to an ImageNow queue using a Konica Minolta printer.

Setting a Default Printer

Choosing a default printer in Windows 7 & 10.

Slow or Delayed Printing

Troubleshooting guide for slow or delayed printing.

Unable to use new RaiderCard with Printer

Information about the 1 hour delay in processing after receiving a new RaiderCard.