Konica Waste Toner Container Full


The waste toner container needs to be changed on the Konica printer.



  • Konica Minolta Printer



  • The toner waste bottles are reusable however; emptying them can be messy. 
  • Send used toner waste bottles to printing and they will take care of them.
  • The department is responsible to order a new one the same way they order the toner and staples, through Konica.



  1. Open front door on machine
  2. Locate Waste Toner Box just below toner
  3. Push out on the two blue clips to release the old box
  4. Keep the box upright when removing and put in the bag provided with the new toner box.
  5. Insert new container where old container came out.
  6. Snap into place
  7. Close the front door on machine

Watch this video for a visual representation of the instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=WgmMWtJ8LJ8


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