Unable to use new RaiderCard with Printer


A student, faculty, or staff member has received a new RaiderCard and is unable to print or associate it while at a printer.



  • RaiderCard
  • Konica Minolta Printer
  • PaperCut


Cause Check

  • The card was recently acquired.
    • The system takes roughly 5 minutes to update with the new card information.
  • The user is able to print by manually logging in with MyGRCC Login.
  • When logged into a campus computer, funds are shown as available when clicking the PaperCut icon in the task bar.
  • The password on the account is expired or account is disabled.
  • The card had been Deactivated via the StudentLink website.
    • Users can deactivate a card in their StudentLink account.



New RaiderCard within 5 minutes

The system takes roughly 5 minutes to update with the new card information, so pairing a user account with a card at the printer will not be possible until 5 minutes after the card has been issued. Please use the touch panel to log in to the account manually.


Card older than 5 minutes

A PaperCut Admin can remove the card numbers associated with the card. The user must then try swiping/tapping the card again, and authenticate/tie their network account to the card.


Article ID: 634
Thu 10/12/17 5:32 PM
Fri 5/20/22 10:53 AM