Print Jobs not Printing - Clearing the Queue


A print job has errored out and is causing the printer to not release any jobs.



  • Konica Minolta Printer



Clear Print Queue

  1. Sign in to the printer, you may need to use the keyboard to fill in your Campus Network username and password.
    • This is the same one used for Blackboard.
  2. Select Device Functions and any account.
  3. Click on Print Error (May not appear if no error)
    1. One of two buttons in the upper right hand corner of the screen
  4. Highlight any job that does not belong to the user, select delete, and confirm the deletion.
    • If unable to delete a job showing Print Error and need permission to delete the job
      1. exit to the screen with the two messages (in step 3)
      2. select the Disp Warning button. 
        • In most cases, it will be a paper size error
      3. Select an available paper size and click the Start button on the printer to release the job. 

Notice: If you have any items stuck in the queue that are cleared, you will need to request a refund from the lab coordinator, if a lab coordinator is unavailable, contact the IT Support Desk at 616-234-4357

Power Off And On

If there is anything stuck in the queue, the printer may be power cycled.

While in front of the printer, look to the left of the blue circular Konica Minolta emblem. Grab the handle and pull the front of the printing system open. At the bottom left is a power switch, flip this off, wait 15 seconds, on. 


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